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Words & Phrases Especially Good Now

The speech tip for today, Monday, September 21, 2020 are examples of phrases and sentences I have heard In the last 30 days which fit these times we are living.  Individuals are adapting. Organizations are adapting. Interactions between individuals are adapting.

It’s way better to be wrong when I say I can … than to be right when I say I can’t.

We have similar goals and trust.  You should have called.”    …. And… “A team is safer.”  Response:  “I don’t have a team.” Heard  from a dialogue between two “almost”  colleagues on the American television show NCIS- Los Angeles-“

“Empathy, transparency and innovation.”  What business organizations need now, in the time of the pandemic COVID-19.  Heard  on CNBC  USA, August 2020.  CNBC is a broadcast network station devoted to all things financial.

“Spirit of the business”- Phrase also heard on CNBC.  Example for using this phrase:  “The spirit of the business is empathy, transparency and innovation to deal with these unusual times.”

“You have your interpretations”   Heard during  an interview between  a DW correspondent  from Germany and  a Chinese official.   The gentleman from China was responding to the correspondent/interviewer’s  analysis of  the acts of persons in Hong Kong and the Chinese government actions and reactions during the summer of 2020.

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For those of you who want to speak more accurate English, here’s our You Tube Clear Talk Mastery Video #13 for the “zh” sound which is an “sh” with a voice.  Dr. Johnson shows you how to pronounce the accurate “zh” sound for the “s” letter. She uses the frequently used word “usually.”

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