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How Do You Keep It Simple

“How do you keep it simple?”

It has been said many times and many ways. “If you start to analyze what style is, the only possible general rule is that the reader must be able to understand what the writer says: and the surest  way to do that is simplicity.”

The same goes for English speech communication.

Consider making these changes in speaking or writing


1.along the lines of: like                            

2.as to: about (or leave out)

3. for the purpose of: for

4. for the reason that: since, because

5. from the point of view of: for

6.in order to: to

7. in the case of: if

8.  in the event that: if

9.  in terms of: in, for (or leave out)

10. on the basis of: by

11. prior to: before


  1. accordingly:  so
  2. consequently: so
  3. for this reason: so
  4. furthermore: then
  5. hence: so
  6. in addition: besides, also
  7. indeed:  I fact
  8. likewise: and, also
  9. more specifically: for instance, for example
  10. moreover: now, next
  11. nevertheless: but, however
  12. thus: so

And here are three more words that are almost always superfluous and not needed:




Example: The workers concerned should consult the bosses involved, respectively.

All paraphrased from a book written in 1949 by Rudolf Flesch The Art of Readable Writing

June 20, 2020

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